SMART OFFICE Collaboration

GENBAND’s SMART OFFICE™ provides small, medium and large enterprises advanced Unified Communications services to deliver voice, video, chat and collaboration on traditional IP phones, the most popular mobile devices as well as PC/MACs. SMART OFFICE also delivers a compelling set of Premium clients that focus on improving mobile collaboration including multi-party video conferencing and screen sharing. These Premium clients are enabled on the most popular tablet platforms (iOS and Android) as well as accessed web browser on a variety of standard compute devices (WebRTC compliant browser required). Employees can use wired, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity to bring their office with them, to be more productive and more collaborative.

IT directors appreciate reducing desktop hardware that is costly, time consuming to manage and challenging for users to master. SMART OFFICE™ enables a seamless collaboration experience whether working at home, in the office or across the globe.

Client choices include:
• GENCom for Windows
• GENCom for MAC
• GENCom for Mobile
• GENCom Premium for Tablets
• GENCom Premium for Web

SMART OFFICE offers tangible advantages over traditional UC solutions including:

  • A premium unified communications experience delivered via WebRTC compliant web browsers.
    - No separate client install required.
  • A mobile first design paradigm offering:
    • Persistent conversation management. Think of it like redial for collaboration and multi-media.
    • Multitask inside the client. GENCom Premium clients allow multi-tasking INSIDE the client; start a 6 party video call and still accept a chat from a co-worker.
  • Seamless Escalation and de-escalation of collaboration. Start a conversation as chat, add others, move to an audio call, add video conference, connect screen share.
  • Cloud First Design. All of the SMART OFFICE solution elements are designed to be scalable for Cloud deployment.
  • Complete Solution. SMART OFFICE 2.0 is a complete solution in breadth of services offered and in terms of the organization that stands behind it.
  • Heterogeneous Deployment. GENBAND has developed SMART OFFICE leveraging industry standards. Unlike competitive solutions it doesn’t have to be deployed as the primary or exclusive UC solution in the network.