GENCom Unified Communications Client

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GENCom for Windows

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GENCom for Mac

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GENCom for Mobile

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GENCom for Consumers

GENCom Unified Communications Client

GENBAND’s GENCom Unified Communication clients deliver a feature rich set of communication services across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Users can turn any workspace into a virtual office. GENCom clients deliver a robust set of collaboration services including:

  • Voice calling with hosted PBX features
  • Video calling
  • IM
  • Presence
  •  Common corporate directory
  • Access to Smart Office Collaboration Rooms

It’s easy to find co-workers, get connected and get more done. GENCom clients can be deployed from an in-network GENBAND Application Server or from Kandy Business Solutions Cloud UC.

Business-class Call Control

It’s no secret that there are any number of consumer application that claim to provide WiFi/ 4G calling or computer to computer calling but that doesn’t mean they are ready for business. First and foremost, every GENCom client is tied to the user’s business identity, their business phone number, not their personal mobile number or yet another mystery number. Outgoing calls include the user’s business caller ID and incoming callers simply dial the number printed on the user’s business card. GENCom can work in concert with an industry-standard SIP phone or replace it completely.

GENCom clients include powerful business feature like Call Grabber that lets users seamless move live calls between devices. Windows and Mobile clients offer Presence Watcher Authorization so users can selectively choose which co-workers can monitor their presence (ideal for C-levels staff). Quickly access voice mail or seamlessly find a co-worker in the company directory. 

Client choices include:

  • GENCom for Windows (includes one-click Outlook e-mail and calendar invites)
  • GENCom for Mac
  • GENCom for Mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android phone)
  • GENCollab for Mobile (iPhone/iPad and Android phone – mobile access to Smart Office Collaboration)

Part of a Complete GENBAND Solution

GENBAND’s GENCom clients integrate with multiple GENBAND solutions including the next generation Smart Office clients and are easily deployed with the GENBAND Application Server or Kandy Business Solutions Cloud UC as well as interoperate with industry-standard SIP devices.

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