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EDGE Training increases return on investment for operators

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EDGE Training & Education

Training and Education

GENBAND's EDGE Training offering increases return on investment for operators and enterprises by ensuring they have the technical knowledge and skills necessary to achieve service readiness and delivery goals. Armed with knowledge and technical know-how, customers can accelerate time-to-market, manage costs through optimal operations, and get the most out of their GENBAND solutions. 

EDGE includes a wide variety of learning and training opportunities with multiple delivery methods.  The most sought-after option delivers to staff that remain onsite and work remotely in real-time with network technicians and equipment, providing a highly skilled trainer to achieve learning objectives. This option reduces costs and allows employees flexibility as they introduce new equipment into their networks.

GENBAND EDGE addresses multiple customer needs:

  • Reduces time spent away from the job for training

  • Brings the workforce up to speed on new products and solutions

  • Trains employees at different locations simultaneously without travel

  • Provides training for specific individual job functions to develop skills

EDGE provides skilled trainers, equipment for hands on experience and the tools, security and scalability for operators to access the training they need on any computer, tablet or smart device from home office, work location or any other location around the globe.  EDGE includes in-person and virtual training options, including leader-based and self-paced, and provides community interaction opportunities that brings experts from within operators together.

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