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Kandy is a cloud based, real-time communications software development platform

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Kandy Overview: Communication Platform & Apps

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Kandy Platform Solutions

Enterprises strive to find innovative ways to gain a competitive edge in today’s global economy.  GENBAND's Kandy Platform as a Service (PaaS) helps businesses improve customer interactions and boost worker productivity by weaving real-time contextual communications directly into applications and business processes both on mobile and on the web.

The Platform for Embedded Communications Platform

Kandy is a cloud based, real-time communications software development platform, built from GENBAND’s tested communications, presence and security software. The solution framework includes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Development Kits (SDKs) and pre-built applications (Kandy Wrappers)—like video shopping and support assistance, click to call, visual attendant, two factor authentication and more—to accelerate time to market.  The outcome-based pay-as-you-grow business model helps service providers accelerate time-to-market, minimize upfront investments, and focus on value-added services instead of infrastructure.

The Kandy APIs and SDKs allow enterprises to integrate real-time communications into their own applications augmenting functionality and enhancing reach and productivity. For example, with Kandy it is easy to integrate calling capabilities into CRM or any other business process/application using the own lines, numbering and voice features.

Kandy adapts to enterprises of all sizes. It can be consumed from GENBAND’s public cloud infrastructure or deployed on a large enterprise private cloud infrastructure as a white label solution. Large enterprises can go to market from the public cloud while their private Kandy cloud is being implemented and seamlessly switch users over to it once it is built.

Advantages of Kandy Platform as a Service (PaaS):

  • Improve productivity and customer interactions with communications-enabled applications and business processes (like integrated video shopping or client-less call centers)
  • Deliver real-time voice, video, messaging and collaboration capabilities both on the web and mobile
  • Provide more engaging user experiences with contextual communications
  • Accelerate development with Kandy Wrappers
  • Comprehensive solution includes RESTful API, plus libraries and SDKs for Javascript, iOS and Android
  • Carrier-class availability and scalability, with 7x24 network monitoring and support


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